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The Adventure Begins...

escadevotion:(OOC: *stands for out of character, use whenever you're out of your character* Rules: NO god-moding, which means you can't control another player's actions. ex: Someone killing another can't do that. You make an action and then that person makes a reaction. Simple, and fun ^_^)

Tatenia struted her way across the desert plains, alone and desolate in the cold of the falling sun. Her fur was warm, but it would take more than that for her to survive the night. There were things to be aware of. Enemies. The cold was only one concern.

She sat on the bare earth, and tucked her collor up against her cheek. She could see her breath, a cold blue haze before her, steady. But they were strained and rapidly increasing.

Tatenia was sure they'd come soon.

With an ache she pulled her body up, drawing her shaking arms close to her, grasping what warmth they could. Her large oval cat-like ears curved away. A reaction though dangerous- her hearing was cut in half.

Deserted here without her Krsma III and the night was comming on fast.

What a stupid thing to do, leaving the only shealter you had. Although it's a hunk of junk now, it still has its use to you. Juinpalia is a crewl place indeed. And I can't really count on my karack luck force now

Tatenia lowered her eyes and did the only thing she could. Move. Escape before capture.

But the hesitation was too much.

For something now was in her path.

Who are you?

And Tatenia's breath had run out.

(OOC: Anyone feel free to jump in with a nifty character. Don't mind my strange words- my character's more of a sci fi-ish being, and I'll reveal more of her as this progresses. Also feel free to elaborate on the setting- I made up part of it- eleborate and add to it. Anything, just create. )

(ooc, my character is going to be a saijen Em, sorry I have to do it, your character is just begging for a Vegeta type character to complement it.)
Black hair flying upward, Sceryn's eyes light up as he feels the power of his Saijen ancestry flow through his veins, and his mighty aura surrounds his short but muscular frame. Sceryn had no idea how he would complete his quest for attainment of his new power level, only a handful of mighty Saijen warriors have ever crossed the threshold of Super Saijen, and they have only done it during the Full moon transformation. Sceryn's goal was to attain that ultimate power level without the aid of the Lunar Cycle, or anyone else.
Floating up above the sands, the night winds blowing through his thick, spiky hair, Sceryn looked around for some sort of lifeforce in the surrounding countryside. Flying forward, scanning as he jets into the night, he was looking for trouble out there, some sort of trouble to test the limits of his power. There was always something to challenge his power, and Sceryn had a feeling whatever that something was, it wouldn't disappoint him tonight. He just had that gut feeling.....
(expand em, you didn't give me much to work on with your character. I am going to post a bio for Sceryn, I suggest you do the same.)

(OOC: :P Giving me assingments already? Sheesh! Your wish is my command Gowell sama*.)

Tatenia saw it there, right above from where she stood, and like a lost soul she was sought out and found buy it's blaring light.......whatever it was.

No, it can't be. The energy signature isn't the same!

It was no use, there was nowhere she could hide here. Nothing stood in her way except for the lifeless ground she walked on.

Yeah, and I picked the perfect planet to crash to. Purfect.

I had ben over six months where she had left A.N.G.E.L**, without a trace, but apparently this wasn't true. They had ran into her purposefully. And purposefully tried killing her on those several occasions. And purposefully she ran away from the monstrous Korev and Engea units so that she could keep her soul and her mind intact. Now she had no ship to run away in, and no place to hide either.

And from the looks of things, she was about to be found.

How unfortunate.

She still had a few abilites at least. Tatenia shrugged and then looked in her com collar, one of the many that still bound her as a profitable slave to A.N.G.E.L's submission. They had cut her air supply in half.

And there was only several days left before all atmos-support was cut, and Tatenia would breathe her last.

Tatenia took her bastion boom boom 0K315 off from the strap from her pack and ignited it. I flared up in a bright luminous green.

Alright, they want game, they got it. Order is in session!

(Notes/translations: *Gowell sama: "Lord Gowell." :P
** A.N.G.E.L: "Associate Negotiation Gaurds- Engea Legacy" )

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Flying above the desert ground, Sceryn feels a lifeforce prick at the back of his neck, someone was near. He couldn't quite pinpoint their location, but there was a faint power level that could be detected, no telling whether they were masking their true power level or not, no telling much. Whatever it was, Sceryn had never felt anything like whatever this was. Sniffing the air, there was a faint feline scent present, not quite the same as a cat or even another type of feline like creature, perhaps it wasn't even of Sceryn's home planet. What an exciting thought, another creature from another planet, perhaps even another plane of existence. Perhaps something that could rival Sceryn's power as a Saijen warrior, perhaps something that would trigger his ascendance into the realm of Super Saijens. Landing on the ground and powering down, Sceryn begins walking in the direction of the lifeforce, keeping his eyes open and brain aware of any fluctuations in the.....whatever it was power level. Any sudden raises and Sceryn would be able to detect them, like any Saijen Warrior. Sceryn almost welcomed the challenge, his abilities hadn't been tested in quite some while, the last being a weak Namek by the name of Emirhodes (*wink*), who Sceryn made quick work of. The Namek hadn't even perfected the ability of Merging, it was a joke. Walking nearer and nearer to the source, Sceryn prepared himself for the absolute worst.....

escadevotion:Re: The adventure begins...
(OOC: hahahahaha. Emirhodes? Fool. I'm not finnished yet, :P)

Tatenia squinted in the darkness. Whatever it was landed, and she had the funny feeling that this would be something that she wouldn't entirely expect at all.

She scrunched up her nose, making a disgusted look, and then settled for a look that was halfway between amusement and unamusement. Even so, she shivered slightly, and picked up her bastion boom boom 0K315 close to her. It's bright green hue lit her face with an eerie cast.

She could hear it walking towards her, and when it was at the appointed distance, she gave it her welcome, at half hiss:

"Ssstop right theurr boyo. Ssstate yurr name and purrposssse! I don't think you wissssh to fight me. Becauss right now I have little time to breathe ovurrr little thingss."


Tatenia, picking up the unfamiliar non-Engea scent, propped her gun, still set and blazing, on her shoulder and grinned. Laughing, she flicked some hair away playfully with her small claws.

(OOC: Note- Tatenia's dialect only slips into excessive r's and s's when cautious, angry, or miffed. Otherwise she talks normally)

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Sceryn heard, whatever is was, hissing over the hill. It stated that he didn't want to fight it. Quite interesting, because it also sounded slightly female. If, which it most likely was, this thing was female Sceryn was almost sure he could make quick work of it. Powering up, Sceryn felt a prick on his neck a tad too late as an energy blast, not of the Ki (pronounced KEY) kind, but of the electrical kind, born of machine. Shoving Sceryn down into the dirt, he had just moments to move as the weapon struck again, glancing off his shoulder. The weapon was so bright it clouded his sight, making the night sky seem like the sun was directly above his head. If only he could get a glance at where/what his enemy was......

escadevotion:And so marks the comming of the Engea...
At once it seemed after making her speach, that the sky was on fire, but Tatenia knew better. It was uncomming for fire to be a blazing inferno of bright red. A red that was as dark as blood and bright as a cinder block all at once.

Tatenia shielded her eyes.

Well, whoever it was, I guess that I'll never get to meet them after all.

Tatenia thought that a good course of action would be to simply run. The odds were most likely against her. But then she thought why that would matter if she did escape because she'd just as soon run out of her air supply in a few short days anyways. And she was no coward. She had her powers and her Boom Boom. She could take on these Engea croonies. And if she died? So what. She would have anyways.

Tatenia gave a bemused half downcast look, not trying to look directly into the blazing red halo before her. She then lugged her heavy Bastion Boom Boom 0T315 off of her shoulder and bended down, as if in meditation. Almost unexpectedly she leapt into the air, flying a great distace over the blaze, with her gun aimed in midair. Several shots of deadly red heat flashed by her as she began the freefall of descent, tumbling down and then touching ground with the slightest of ease. There was a man next to her, rather macho, rather handsome, rather mean looking. She gave him only a second of her time with a glance and then took to evaluating the goons in front of them.

There were five of them. Big mechs with long ams and bulbous heads. The leader wore a familiar color of blue, and as soon as it was recognised, the top it's head hissed and gave way, metal slid back, layer by layer, like cards, until the helmet was no more and Tatenia could affirm her worst fears.


Corrupt laugher broke out as the rather pale Engea stood there. His face was half burned, with corroded skin that pulled across from cheeck to chin. The eye that had burned away was replaced by a mech adaptation. A crewl red ruby barely visible. The other eye was wide and pale blue, madened and slightly less sane since that last time they had met. His light violet hair swung over his head, flipped back, so that she was to see the grin that played upon his painful face.

"Tatenia....Tantenia..," he droned, it was more like a half play with the words, and half filled with disappointment of a sort. "You really thought that you could run so far..," his gaze was far off, half not there, but he contined with his soft insincere words, "try and escape us? Well, either way you're dead you know." The corrupt laugher started again. Everyone else was silent, and the sound echoed harshly through the void.

"Of course, how like you Nieniem. Everything has to be amusing to you."

"Why my sweet girl. You miss my point completely. You do amuse me yes, killing you will be amusing, yes? But cleaning up is never a fun thing, no." More laughter.


Ah, but well, too bad. So sad.

In a moment, his arm was raised, glowing bright red, and the energy was unleashed.

(OOC: sounded like a nice place to stop assuming that I wrote quite a lot haaaa....hem. yeah. *blushes* Dan- you can sub-roleplay Nieniem and his goons, he isn't Tatenia and so you have the right to do so.)

danwasamurai:Re: And so marks the comming of the Engea...
Seeing the dialouge between the cat creature that had landed next to him and five giant machines, Sceryn couldn't quite make out what to do next in the situation. He could always intervene and help this cat creature, he sure would like to pay back these damn robots for taking a nice chunk out of his arm. He wanted to see what this cat creature could do though, and how much of a threat it was to him. Sceryn was almost sure he could overcome the robots, but at the speed that cat creature flew over the hill, he wasn't so sure. Powering up to his highest level, Sceryn felt the energy run up through the earth and into his veins. Rocks, not able to stay earthbound from the force of the energy lifting upwards, skyrocket into the air as Sceryn is surrounded by a blue aura. Sceryn would be prepared for the worst.....

escadevotion:The ruby eyed foe 0_o
(OOC: Warning....blood and guts ahead :} )

Tatenia was only partially aware of Nieniem's action from the transaction of mind flow. But it was enough at least for her to ignite her Bastion Boom Boom 0K315...

At once a green halo spread around her, amassing, and engulfing Tatenia's form. so that the red flames of the chaos weapon would bounce off, and back to where it came from.

Nieniem dodged out of the way suavely, like a man who knows the boundaries of space and time itself, enabled to wrap and bend it to his will. He laughed as the chaos flames spread on the ground, shattered the earth, and licked the air.

Well, well, well. It seems you've grown....more resourceful at least. At the most, it won't help you one bit, he chuckled. The thought echoed in Tatenia's mind.

Tatenia didn't respond, but clung to the huge weapon staved into the ground, the green field around her body creating a opaque haze. He didn't need her to speak to know that her glare was one of hatred, and defiance, and hidden deep there perhaps was some form of pity.

What? Cat got no tongue? Well I feel quite saddened. Oh well. Boy's? Nieniem's ruby glinted as he turned to the other four Engea's in formation behind his blue mech. Immediately they reacted in a action of complete obedience, and raised their huge arms, the red glow firing up, and aimed in Tatenia's direction.

The force would be too much for her force field to sustain. It was only useful in one on one combat. Immediately, before they could fire upon her, virtually destroying her, Tatenia released the force field and got ready for their attacks. Her eyes darted to each of them, gaining even their most hesitant moves in order to predict her own actions over them.

From the corner of her eye she caught the first move coming, a stream of red strands, deadly tentacles that have the power of removing her soul from her mind and leaving her a lifeless shell. A power that was used for the creulty unto a world far from here, where Tatenia hadn't the thought to return to.

On instinct she raised her order weapon, a green blade appearing from the long staff, and grabbing the other handle, like a scythe, she swung the sword, splitting the red strands that loomed toward her, the action causing them to spray back. And before the Engea or any other had the time to reacted, she jumped, sword raised high, a feral demeanor cast upon the unlucky guard.


And upon impact, the staff swung downwards through the metal black, and split it like a shell. Blood sprayed from the inner cavity.


Not taking a second from finishing the first guard, Tatenia flung her feline body up and over again to the next subject like a leapfrog, but the landing was bad, and before she had the time to act, her boom boom was lost in the red flames on the floor below. She grasped the second guard's metal armor, clinging for stability for fear she might fall. She didn't care. She was locked in a frenzy of a warriors spirit. She clung on with her claws and once there was a firm grip, they extended into a vicious length, and using them, she impaled the man, as they broke through the armor from front to back.

And as she fell with the body, blood spraying up and on her sweatened body, her screams were loud and guttural in nature. Tatenia fell down with the dead, and the flames. She fell down screaming vengeance.

All the while Nieniem's sick laughter could be herd.

Tatenia fell down, only to be surrounded.

(OOC: ah, another good place to stop. Tatenia doesn't sound like much of a push-over now, eh? heh heh.)

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Watching the cat creature battle her way into a cul-da-sac, Sceryn couldn't help but marvel at her ability and fearlessness. "Bit like myself," He thought to himself as he finished powering and thought a moment. Should he really get involved in this? It would mean most likely that he would make and obviously powerful enemy, if this creature brought them here. There wasn't any kind of technology like that on Sceryn's home planet, nothing to defend his people except him. A few years back he had taken over as guardian of Ki-San, but he never had heard of invasions and didn't take the title very seriously. Making an enemy of obvious power, and most likely military might, might not exactly be a good idea. But isn't that what he lived for? The challenge of battle bringing him closer and closer to his inevitable ascendance into the rank of Super Saijen?
"What the hell, the Girl is kinda cute anyway!" Sceryn said to himself, taking to the air and getting an overview of the battle. Surrounded by two of the lesser...machines and someone who seemed to be the leader, Sceryn detected no power levels coming from the beings inside the massive things. Obviously these beings were not strong unless supported by technology. Sceryn would show these weak pathetic beings what the inner soul was capable of when pushed to it's limits.
Charging downward, gaining immense velocity, Sceryn charged up an energy ball in his hand, feeling the strength from his soul form into physical for. Just as the machines were about to make their move, Sceryn rammed into one of the lesser ones, taking it by suprise. Obviously they had forgotten about the short saijen they had shot at. They would pay for their ignorance.
Sending his adversary flying across the battlefield, Sceryn had barely a moment to react before the thing sent those red tendrils flying at him. Narrowly dodging 3 of them, the final one wrapped around his immense calf and drug him towards the machine. The tendril made Sceryn feel like the energy was being sapped from him, which wasn't good. Without his Ki, Sceryn was nothing more than an excellent martial artist, nothing to defend himself against these monstrosities. Forming a ki blade on his hand he split the tendril just as the machine was looming over him. Flying upward he brought the blade through the middle of his adversary, sending sparks and shrapnel everywhere.
Flying back and observing, Sceryn saw that there was a cockpit from which the driver operated the machine. If he could destroy the weakling inside he could get back to the other two and finish them off as easily as this incompetant fool. Charging up ki blast, Sceryn was suprised to have his legs pulled out from underneath him, interrupting his Ki charge and sending him flying to the dusty ground. Blood trickling from his nose and mouth, Sceryn stood straight up, let out a shriek of anger and powered up even more, leaving a small crater in the earth. He hated being double teamed. Turnign, he saw that the other smaller machine had joined in, thinking to himself that perhaps the odds were a bit more even, Sceryn, began dodging the tendrils coming at him from his right and left. His anger rising more and more at this obvious display of cheap fighting, he finally just bolted upward, letting the tenrils connect with each other, and much to his suprise a massive explosion erupted, annhilating the tendrils. Sceryn barely had time to celebrate his minor victory though as the machines flew upward at him, sending small bolts of what appeared to be energy towards him. Easily dodging the slow projectiles, Sceryn wanted to end this, to find out what the hell the cat thing was, and why the hell these fuckers shot at him. Charging up an energy blast, he split it just as he released it, sending one at each, as the damaged one tried to evade it, Sceryn flew at the machine, formed an energy shield around himself, and collided with his adversary. Penetrating directly through the enemy, Sceryn immediately flew upwards as he sensed more projectiles from the other one. Turning so he could see the Machine he destroyed plummet to the earth, he felt his strength begin to ebb. He had put way too much energy into that last move, he would have to finish this one quickly if he hoped to be of any sort of help with what seemed to be the leader. Maneuvering behind the slugglish vehicle, Sceryn grabben onto the machine and began to fly downward with it. Despite it's attempt to reverse the move, the machine's strength just wasn't enough to overcome the pissed saijen, and just as they were about to collide with the ground, Sceryn let go and spun away, Sending the machine into the dirt, exploding into a million fragments.
"When will fools learn that it's the quickness and speed that matters, everything else comes later." Sceryn scoffed as he tried to power up more and failed. He had obviously reached his limit. "I don't know what help I can be to the girl, but I have to get back there to find out what the hell she is, and why these fuckers were shooting at me."
Flying back to the original battle ground, Sceryn was in awe as......
(You come in here em)
(Good enough fight scene for you?)

escadevotion:Oh no, someones MaAAAaaAad. 0_o
Tatenia lay on top of the fallen guard, and when she came too, she stared into the shattered frame of the helmet that had been torn loose from the impact, to see the disfigured gore of what was one a soldier for A.N.G.E.L.

Through the fall, Tatenia was sheltered by the mech, standing several feet above the burning floor. But although she was out of the danger of the fires, she found herself barely conscious, and half sensibly surrounded by the two remaining gaurds.

She thought she heard Nieniem stop laughing somewhere. And some cries and flashes went out. Something blue streaked by. Somthing angry. Very very angry. And although Tatenia had reason to believe it was something that was bad, in fact, it was something that was aiding her.

Tatenia coughed up blood. It was taking all of her strengh even to breath. Ever since her air supply was cut in half, walking alone was hard on her.

Suddenly she found that her body was being lifted up, and through the bloody gashes across her face, and the red blur in her eyes she saw the deadly ruby glint through.

And so she reacted to it by spitting blood into Nieniem's face.

And he reacted by pulling the release on her air supply.

Farewell, and Nieniem whispered in her ear, "sweet angel of death."

And as Tatenia's remaining moments of life lay streaming away, the violet haired advissary too a long staf from the ground and held it.

And after looking over it and taking satisfaction, Nieniem ingnited the green flame.

And Tatenia was frozen in time.

Before losing mind in the stasis of time, she could hear the drone of his voice echoing in her memory.

Oh, but I will help end your life. And I will give you the chance some never have. By living through it very........verry..............s....l......o........w..............l..............y............. . . . .

danwasamurai:Re: Oh no, someones MaAAAaaAad. 0_o
Landing on the ground and walking over to the violet haired man holding what seemed to be the feline feminine in a green crystal.
"I'd stay out of this if I were you, shorty," The man said in a raspy voice as Sceryn walked closer, still powered up, hair flying upwards and blue aura crackling.
"Did you just make a comment on my height," Sceryn stopped about 10 feet away. He felt an odd power emanating from this man, not the same as Ki, but different, and evil.
"I did little man," he kept the green crystal floating, and set it aside. "This is between Tatenia and I."
"What if I told you Tatenia was my prey," Sceryn responded with a smirk on it. "What are you going to do about it, junior?"
"You have no idea of the powers that you are toying with, pissant," the purple haired man pointed at Sceryn and smiled wickedly. "I'd destroy you."
"You think you have the power to destroy a Saijen warrior, weakling?" Sceryn replied, feeling the lash of the words. "I'd wipe the mat with your simple ass."
"Simple, oh nononono my dear friend, there is nothing simple about me," the man replied wagging his finger in the air. "I am quite quite complex, as you are about to find out."
Detecting a sudden increase in the power of the man, Sceryn immediately put up a Ki shield as a green aura surrounded the purple haired man. Slamming the wierd staff into the ground, Sceryn stood in awe as Lightning ripped down fro the sky and into the man's body. There wasn't even any clouds, it just appeared out of thin air. After a moment, the lightning stopped and the man, muscles slightly larger and looking quite formidable, stood with the green arua surrounding him and smiling.
"You think a light show is going to impress me?" Sceryn mocked as he flexed. "Watch this little man."
Sceryn didn't know if he could power up anymore, or even that he had the strength to. He just couldn't be outshined by this outsider though, he had to prove his might, no matter the cost.
Letting out a scream of anger, Sceryn's Ki aura shimmered and grew more intense. The energy began lifting first small rocks around him, then larger ones, and eventually beginning to wear a small crater once again. Pushing himself further than he ever thought he could go, Sceryn began to feel his muscles bulge and blood flow faster and faster as his heart pounded along with the pulsing energy waves. With one last shriek, Sceryn put everything he had into it and the result was astounding. Electricity began to form around his Ki aura, as it began to shift from Blue to Yellow, back to blue, then red, then back to blue. Sceryn felt the intense power flow through his veins. Was this it, had he finally reached the level of Super Saijen? No, it couldn't be, he was only slightly more powerful than before, although he certainly looked impressive. Smiling through the color phases, Sceryn looked at his adversary expecting to see awe. What he saw was the exact opposite of his desired result.
"Not even a Super Saijen?" The man chuckled as Sceryn's energy could be felt surging through the air. "You wouldn't even make me break a sweat."
"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" Sceryn screamed as he brought his fists together and brought a Ki ball into existence. Letting his concentration grow to intense depths, he brought the power of the soul into his ball, making it into his favorite Techinique, the soul blast. Letting a gutteral scream from his throat, half pain half exstacy in the power, he let most of his considerable power go in the blast, sending the Soul Blast forward in a beam straight at the man. The resulting explosing rocked the coutryside and sent the man into the ground, penetrating the surface as he flew backward.
Exastperated, Sceryn powered down and half-choked, half coughed his way throgh a cocky laugh. "Some intense power, biatch," As he strolled over and inspected the cat creature in the Crystal. Frozen in time it seemed, there was an expression of intense pain sealed on her face. Sceryn wondered how he could destroy this, so he coudl find out exactly what the hell was going on.
Focused on the feline-feminine, Sceryn did not sense the energy blast until it was too late. Ripping into his side and sending him flying, Sceryn fought against the explosion as he flew backward and into the ground. Standing slowly and painfully, he wondered where the hell that came from. Then, bringing his head around, he saw the purple haired man standing next to the crystal, unscratched.
"So much for your saijen power, eh?" The man laughed as Sceryn, thoroughly enraged, screamed in fury and began to power up. Feeling the power once again, he began to feel it ebb, there was much less at his disposal, he shouldn't have let his anger get the best of him. Damn his uncontrollable fits of rage. Now he would have his true test in battle. He turned to face his opponent, smirking and motioning the man to bring it on. This would either be the end of Sceryn, or his ascendance. Failure would mean death, most certainly.......

escadevotion:stasis and status in standby =-_-= zzz...*the pain!*
(OOC: silly boy. I had a "first assesment" in History Of Art class- now that I had to force myself to think like Buddah for over an hour, I am a little more self enlightened of a headache. :P *yyyaaawwwn* *smack* *smack* -_-)

Tatenia lay half in-between a place of absolute pain, and a place of complete silence. She felt her soul screaming. Her life was slowly cutting itself short. The air leaked out not in a hissing mass, but a slow strand, barely departing her reserve.

She tried to move and yet she couldn't. She couldn't even cry out. She hadn't the ability but to feel, and the absence of action was driving her to insanity.

All around her she cold see her image, in facets of pale green. Dead. She looked like she was dead. Eyes cast in fear, tongue out, face pale and blue. But she wasn't yet.

Dead. She saw herself before she was. But she wasn't yet.

No, not yet.

It was then that the field of the chrysalis around her began to ungroup, to hairline, to crack. There was only a substantial ammount of time that the freezing process took place.

And once she did break free- she was going to use the last of her life taking Nieniem down with her.

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Smiling, Sceryn stalled to buy time to find a way to power up more, or at least time to think of a way to cheat to win. All he knew was he couldn't lose this battle, up to this point in his life he had never fought an adversary that could withstand the soul blast, and now that he did his adrenaline pumped at the thought of someone who could actually challenge him.
"Just exactly who are you?" Sceryn asked as he slowly increased his power level, hoping this outsider couldn't detect power levels.
"My name, although it will mean nothing to you in a few moments when I destroy you, is Nienem," the Purple haired man laughed as he brought his hand forth, and cupped a green energy ball within it. "And now, Saijen, you die."
Sensing the ball even before Nienem brought it forth, Sceryn already put forth every bit of energy he had into a little used technique known at the Dragon Ki, a Technique that, although expensive in energy, allowed him to increase his power level by 5 fold for a short period of time. Although it had a chance of killing him, Sceryn was willing to take the risk to kill this adversary, but if he was going to do it he better do it quick.
Letting a scream of rage out, Sceryn dodged the blast and shot forward at Nienem. Exchanging a series of kicks and punches, neither landing any of them, Sceryn flew back, assesed the situation, and came at Nienem again. This time, Nienem was ready. He brought forth his staff and a green blade shot out the end. Narrowly missing Nienem's swing, Sceryn twisted and slammed into the purple haired man, sending him flying back with intense force. Feeling his strength being sapped, Sceryn knew the Dragon Ki was almost at an end. Redoubling his efforts to control it, he used the last of his Ki building into the Kamehameha technique. It was now or never.
Bringing his hands cupped at his hips, Sceryn began saying the appropriate words, "Kaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" With each syllable the enegy within his hands grew until it was as bright as the sun. Releasing it at Nienem just as he was getting up, the enemy had no time to bring up a shield or anything. Hitting him with a blast intense enough to send the earth around his flying as in a tornado, Nienem flew backwards and hit the earth with a thud.
Powering down, not from choice but from lack of Ki, Sceryn knew that if Nienem wasn't either as exhausted as he or dead, he was finished. Sceryn was now the equivalent of a sniveling child. No matter, he thought to himself, at least he would die in the heat of battle......

escadevotion:Muahahahahahaha 0_o
(OOC: Ooo, goody! I get to do something I always love to do! a three part post! Wheeee!! )

Tatenia held her breath before the chrysalis around her gave way. There wasn't enough air to last her for long, but it would be enough for what she was going to do.

Suddenly the space around her was visible, and the haunting image of death that had faceted her vision for the duration of her stasis, was cleared away as the green field broke and shattered. Like someone being born again, Tatenia broke free.

Not having that much time, she took another breath. And this would be her last for not a second after that her emergency beacon flashed on her air pack signifying empty reserves.

Frantically she looked around her, and nearby she sought the fallen staff, her Bastion Boom Boom 0k315. heart beating frantically, and face turning an unnatural blue, she started the operation. Taking one of her claws, Tatenia let it grow until it was sharp enough. the she pierced through her chest, opening a cavity. Her eyes were wide with fear, and frantically the searched through the blood for what she needed. Yes. The lungs, which were expanded and straining. There.

Tantenia took the staff and held it under her chest, and then with all her strength she slamed the rod down on the burnt ground. On impact, Tatenia's lungs were crystalized emeralds. And for a moment, she thought that she would die from this, not being able to breathe. Suprisingly though, her lungs were only frozen with time.

Tatenia was now prepared to kick some butt. Opening her mouth she preparedto speak....but nothing came out. The operation had taking the ability of speach from her.


Nieniem lay several yards away from the braggart rouge who had just tryed to defet him yet again. Little did the Sayian know, that he was going to be proven wrong once again.

Nieniem had heard about this so called "superior" race. And A.N.G.E.L. had become involved many times with them, though they kept all this information completely top notch and top secret. Being one of the high four, Nieniem was allowed to peak. Now he has come in contact with one!

How.......unammusing. Nieniem frowed, and looked at the Sayian's back. This is all so simple.

He had forgotten about Tatenia, and when at last his mind wandered back to her, he found the green cyrstal feline form gone.

Now, this. THIS amuses me. Too bad the feeling won't last when I see that pretty dead face of her's.

Nieniem stroked his hair, looking thoughtful. That was until he recieved a kick in the butt that sent him flying!


Pretty dead huh Nieniem? Tatenia remarked.

Well, at least she could speak through mind rapport.

Tatenia peered over to where Nieniem was getting up. Laughing insanely.

Oh, I am quite impressed. But stoping the time your lungs from breathing won't last for long you know.

I know. It gives me enough time.

Oh? And for?

For taking you with me!
And with that, Tatenia leapt into the air, and with full force, plunged with the staff down.

Before Nieniem had time to react, he was frozen in time. To stare perhaps, at his own horrible image for a while.

(OOC: Ah, but I never said I couldn't freeze Nieniem now didn't I? The only problem remains...dealing with Nieniem before he unfreezes, as well, Tatenia's air problem. hmmm, and still not enough time.)

escadevotion:Muahahahahahaha *URF!* 0_o
Tatenia dragged the bundled up emerald that was Nieniem, in a way. She really didn't have that much time left, and the sun was rising above the horizen already.

On her way she bumped into another figure. It was the man that she had yet to formally encounter. His body lay exhasted on the ground from heavy exertion. Sweat beads ran over every pore of his skin.

Now Tatenia was left with a slight dilemma. She hadn't the strength nor time to carry both men and save herself at the same time.

Oh wait. But there was one thing that Tatenia had missed. She turned and pivoted to look behind her. There stood Neiniem's own Engea, the Malice. And at once, Tatenia had an idea.

Engea's only accepted their host signatures. With that in mind, Tatenia draged Nieniem's cyrstalized form over and placed it in the Malice, and at first there was nothing.


....But suddenly the engea glowed with activity.


Tatenia carried the fallen strange man's body over to the engea and lay him down before it. The she climbed into the cockpit and took the main controls. With Nieniem there, it would work, hopefully.

The helmet shifted close in it's variable card-like manner, and Tatenia started to see if she could move the engea itself any. With an upward movement of her arm, the engea reacted likewise.


Without a second thought, Tatenia picked up the fallen man's body with the Engea Malice and looked at the sunrise.

There wasn't much time left to find an airpack and get rid of Nieniem. but with space travel hopefully it would be enough.

And with that they disappeared- travelling towards the closest thing Tatenia could think of- A.N.G.E.L.'s main base, the only place to find the air pack she would need.

Luckily she knew her way around. Unlucky for her that they wanted her dead.

(OOC: Suggestion for next post- you can wake up and get mad at me- baisically we should be at the headquarters- what you do there is up to you.....*psst, like kick a lot of guard's butts!* hhehehehehe

Dan- ezboard is up and working again thankfully- you can write your killer post now.

In case I don't catch you on AOL: oh, and after all that kicking and screaming I WILL be home late tonight. So perhaps on Sat. you can call me up and we can do something.


danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Blinking his eyes and shaking his head, Sceryn was amazed to find himself alive. He must've finished off that pissant after all. Should teach him to mess with the Saijen race. Now to find out who that other creature was.....
With a sudden jerk of his consciousness, Sceryn realized his hands weren't on his desert sands anymore. They were on cold hard steel...
Looking around Sceryn was amazed to find himself in the cockpit of on eof those machines. God he hated machinery, it was so useless, he could never understand why so many poeple were dependent on it when they had, inside them, the inner ki to do virtually anything if they put their minds to it.
Peering up, Sceryn realized he was still laying down. That damn Kamehameha took a lot out of him. Once he was a Super Saijen it wouldn't matter though. Seeing the Cat creature piloting the hunk of junk, Sceryn wondered how long he had been out. She still hadn't realized he was awake, perhaps he could get the jump on her. Shifting himself into a position so he could leap, Sceryn prepared to find out what the hell was going on exactly......

escadevotion:Jump on her, eh? heh heh heh
Tatenia landed the engea closely outside of A.N.G.E.L's headquarters, a massive floating orb, rotating around a oval base. It was rusted and the glow was a soft ore color that misted the sky. It was mostly from the engea pods surrounding it. It's formidable army. Tatenia smirked.

She caught the slight movement of the nameless man beside her. She could feel his thoughts somehow reach him. She has never seen someone like him before. He wasn't like them. Engea's. His power was something more loose, something that was powerful looking, but hardly anything to consider. Tatenia knew that one couldn't rely on powers for everything, they had the ability to backfire sometimes. They took away your being.

She almost laughed. He was going to attempt to jump on her eh? How stupid. He wouldn't know how to pilot this engea anyways- and if she were to take out Nieniem.....he wouldn't exist anymore.

Quickly she pulled out the Boom Boom staff and held it to his head. Mentally trying to contact him with her thoughts, it failed. Tatenia figured it only worked with engea personell anyways. She gave the man a nice smile that said, "I've gone through enough @#%$ today. Really, and I have @#%$ to go through now. I don't need your @#%$ to add on. Hi, how are you?"

She tried to sigh but no air passed.

They had landed. She opened up the hatch, watching the gears inside wind until the helmet's layers shifted away again.

Not enough time.

And even less:

The Engea troops have found them.

ah, more @#%$. This really isn't my day.

(OOC: I don't mind how many engea's there are- you can elaborate.)

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Cursed thing could read minds, Sceryn thought to himself, but he didn'thave long to assemble some sort of plan to find out exact what the hell was going on, because 12 of those Machines greeted their exit of the vehicle. Sceryn felt like he was getting over his head in this, and waited for what the cat female would do, he had a feeling he would have to get involved, even though he had no idea where the hell he was.......

escadevotion:Re: The adventure begins...
Tatenia looked through the screen in the helmet and spotted 12 engea's surrounding them.

Great, just great.

it was a good thing that Nieniem's engea was a bit different than the normal D-25 Engea soldier's. It had the ability of teleportation.


Suddenly, 12 angry engea's were left alone, without the target well in their hands.

It's a bad thing that each engea had the ability to track one another.


The three of them made their way into what seemed to be the very heart of A.N.G.E.L.

Well, this is where we get out boys, and forgetting that the strange man beside her couldn't read her thoughts, she shrugged, and motioned the gun to and fro from his head to the exit, telling him to get out.

(OOC: Action to Sceryn, and what's your reaction? hehehe)

danwasamurai:Re: The adventure begins...
Torn between going back and killing the machines, and finding out what the hell was going on with this cat creature, Sceryn stood in indecision. Finally, getting sick of not knowing what the hell was going on, he strolled right up to the cat creature, grabbed her by the shoulder, and looked directly into her eyes.
"Listen, you got me into this @#%$ mess, all I wanted to know was what were you doing on MY planet, it's about time you gave me some explanation. I know, we don't have much time, I don't care about those whatever you call them, they don't pose ME a threat, I'll wipe this @#%$....whatever it is with them and make the floor squeeky clean," Releasing her shoulder Sceryn smirked. "Perhaps I should do the same with you and your buddy, if you don't tell me what the hell is going on."

escadevotion:Re: The adventure begins...
As soon as they had arrived, the strange man had her by her shoulder and was making rash comments about their current surroundings as well, the purpose for being in them. Tatenia had them. They were all in her head. It was a pity that she couldn't speak verbally or mentally to him.

Tatenia became a little frustrated and mad, and pointed "out" to the strange man once again, frowning.

Then began the schrades. She pointed to her chest, where the open cavity was full of green shards of cyrstals, and in those facets you could barely make out her lungs, frozen in time, though in that time there wasn't much left. In pointing at this anomally, she shook her head. Then Tatenia opened her mouth and used an expression that reflected screaming. Of course no sound came out. She pointed to her mouth and then shook her head.

Once again she pointed, "Out," with a expression now that added, "now, or I die and so do you."

The worst of it was comming.

Tatenia could feel the chrysalis begining to break apart.

Warning: the text behind this cut it very very very long. We hold no responsibility to prolonged eye disability due to reading it either. We only wish you'd find it as funny as we do because yes, taken that this was writen three years ago, it is very sad but also very funny.
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Sceryn saw a look of desperation and pain come across the cat thing's eyes as his frustration grew further. Where exactly were they, and what exactly was wrong with the cat thing. So many questions answers lay with the cat thing, which didn't appear to have the ability to speak...well either that or breathe. These technological advances both intrigued and pissed off Sceryn, because he did not understand them at all. But again, it appeared the only way to get these answers lay in the cat thing. In frustration Scern shrugs his shoulders, points to the Cat thing, and makes the motion to lead the way. Hopefully her inferior intellect would understand the message he was attempting to send....